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Girls just want to have fun...


My brother, Chris, bought me my first gun, a 20 gauge Savage Pump when I was 19. Of course he moved from Enfield, Connecticut to Moose River, Maine right after. I took the NRA Course, passed, and signed up for skeet shooting. I went from skeet shooting to partridge hunting in Jackman/Moose River, ME. My experiences expanded to watching, learning, practicing, learn to trap beaver, hunting deer (a few times) to winning the moose lottery-ME. I love the hunt and don't have the time to do it enough. So I depend on GREAT Maine Guides (thanks Chris), and many hunting friends  for the best results. 


Black Fly Stew Story: When I married, Don, in 2000 in our back yard in Pretty Marsh (Mount Desert Island) with the band "Five O'clock Shadow", his best friend surged ahead with a toast before the champagne was poured. Jay had to think quick on his feet and he and Ed came up with the "Top Ten Things" heard at Don & Kate's Wedding. Top of the list was, "I heard Kate has a great recipe for Black Fly Stew!" This stuck and has become the base for many stories, the lead on my published book series, new recipes and even curiosity from Andrew Zimmern. Andrew asked me to be part of his MAINE show cooking beaver, black flies, and bean hole beans "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern."  The Maine episode also includes Masa, owner of Miyake's, author-Linda Greenlaw, and featured was his dads 80th Birthday Bash with June Bug appetizers!


As I continue to create new recipes I reflect on the great feedback I have received over the years. Those cooks who love and want more stories related to the recipes, and to the new cooks who like the format and simplicity of the recipes. Newbies like all the various and creative spice combinations which sounded good and then tasted great. And I always say to keep it simple and tasty, -"challenge your palette, be open and  discover your own new culinary paths"

I was not classically trained, yet have experimented all my life.  The first two spices I can remember being intrigued about were saffron and sage. I was 14, in Spain and tasting Paella! Elegance, curiosity and wonderment. Months later, I discovered sage and it has been a journey of my super taster palate ever since!

Later years took me to working in Switzerland where Saffron, Beef Tongue, and the best homemade bread and butter graced our workers breakfast table. Then yoghurt and milk came in boxes; and  granola, chocolate and Nutella were staples.


I have traveled far and wide over the years and continue to discover how spices, herbs and sauces offer so much more in flavor than sugars.

So, ENJOY/share food (and wine) with family, and friends.



  2019 Krukowski Family Reunion


Front row: Barbara Carter, Ashley Haggan, Addisyn Hagan, Angie Krukowski

2nd Row: Chris Krukowski, Courtney Krukowski, Kirstie Hale, Harland Christopher Hale, Jake Hale 


Back Row: Brayden Michael Haggan, Steven Haggan, Gary Christopher Krukowski, Kate Krukowski Gooding, Jeremiah Hale, Michael Krukowski, Megan Krukowski, Jeramey Krukowski, Carson Krukowski, Mark Krukowski

Missing: Nicholas Krukowski (over serving our country), Holley and Vivian Krukowski 

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