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28 Km E-Bike touring small towns and vineyards in Bourgogne!
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I have been cooking up something ... all my life. Yes, there is much room for interpretation here. I discovered that cooking is a stress reliever, as long as my tasting spoon is small. Here I can be creative, I can exercise my curiosity in layers of flavors, colors (yes, presentation is very important) and combinations. 

I will share my wild game kitchen antics and how it came to be, through many blogs interspersed with simple, delicious and, sometimes decadent recipes. I will go into detail the trials and tribulations, and decision I go through when making a recipe. This has not been included in my cookbooks or my food columns because it can be long to read, especially if you're looking for a quick meal.

My own wine cellar - NOT-yet ;-)
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